Self-Discipline: The key to success via our mobile device


SELF-DISCIPLINE!  That is the key to our success!  Period.  We've heard this many times before yet it alludes us sometimes.  Regardless of what we're trying to accomplish in life, self-discipline is the driving force.  We are all challenged on a … [Continue reading]

Video: Apple iPad vs. RIM Playbook: The war for your personal development dollars

Apple iPad or the Blackberry Playbook?  Decisions..decisions...decisions!  They are both great devices and from a self-improvement perspective they both will definitely deliver.  Although I prefer the iPad because of its screen size (among a few … [Continue reading]

Video: How our mobile devices will influence our health

Mobile technologies are assisting us in improving many aspects of our lives.  One area of our lives that is having a tremendous impact is in our health.  Wireless technologies in the medical field have existed for many years.  However, … [Continue reading]

Mobile technology trends for the next 20 years

The next 20 years for mobile technologies appear to be amazing!  New devices, new ways to deploy them and the overall technologies that will shape things to come blow my mind.  That's great news for those of us that are always looking for ways to … [Continue reading]

Video: Mobile Inspiration On-Demand

I read and listen to several inspirational speakers on my mobile devices.  It is very convenient for me to educate and motivate myself this way.  It is an excellent way to utilize some downtime that I may have in between meetings, at the airport or … [Continue reading]

Video: iPhone 4 vs. Droid X: The smartphone Smackdown!

I was recently asked by several people on different occasions whether I would recommend the iPhone 4 over the Droid X.  I usually ask what the person intends to do with the device because as everyone knows I am a proponent of using the devices for … [Continue reading]