Facebook introduces smartphone software


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Sharp adds the Galapagos Tablets to our personal development arsenal

Sharp Galapagos Tablets

Great news!  Sharp just jumped into the tablet wars with their Galapagos Tablets!  Why is this great news?  Because it gives us consumers more options in products and hopefully more competition will drive more innovation.  These Sharp Galapagos … [Continue reading]

Personal Metrics: The key to Mobile Self-Improvement Success

I'm often asked how someone can develop themselves using their mobile devices.  The short answer?  Personal Metrics.  We can use our mobile devices to keep track of important data like our weight, BF% and caloric intake if we're trying to lose … [Continue reading]

How to communicate with every one of your friends at anytime!

Meebo images

One of my goals is to strengthen my relationships with friends and family and my mobile device allows me to do that at times when I am not close to them.  We communicate with many of our friends by calling them or sending them text messages via our … [Continue reading]

How my iPhone will transform me into a runner again

Runkeeper images

I have decided to start running once again after about a 6 year hiatus.  Why?  I enjoy running...and not to mention I could lose a few pounds!  I ran the NYC marathon in 2003 and both the Philadelphia marathon and NJ marathon in 2004.  What have … [Continue reading]

Video: Achieve your financial goals with Mint mobile app !

I recently started using a software web program called Mint.  I have to admit it is a great program.  I simply went to http://www.Mint.com and registered and entered all of my information.  Then I downloaded the Mint iPhone app and it … [Continue reading]