Why the New Nissan Nismo Smart Watch Is Good for Mobile Marketers


  As the wearables tech space continues to heat up, a new competitor has just entered the arena.  Nissan (yes the automotive manufacturer) has released a new smart watch called "Nismo".  The new Nissan Nismo smart watch is said to connect … [Continue reading]

3 Things That Will Jump Start Your Mobile Marketing Efforts


Many of our business clients want to deploy mobile marketing technologies in the quickest possible way but are unsure of where to start.  In a prior blog post, I discussed the things that a business must review and answer before deploying any mobile … [Continue reading]

Responsive Web Design for Mobile Marketers

Responsive web design overview

The World Wide Web is different today than what it was just five years ago.  Today, many people access the internet via a mobile device.   Samsung alone has approximately 25 devices in different sized screens.  Now if you mix in other devices like … [Continue reading]

Smartwatches – Opportunities for Mobile Marketers


  Samsung has announced their Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch!   It is powered by the Android OS and it will sync with Galaxy smartphones and tablets.  Samsung is not the first with a smartwatch because Sony and Pebble both have watches … [Continue reading]

Why Microsoft’s Purchase of Nokia is Good for Mobile Marketers

Microsoft and Nokia

Its been a rumor for some time.  It may have started when Microsoft formed a partnership with Nokia in 2011 to collaborate together.  Great devices such as the Nokia Lumia were born.  However, today Microsoft has confirmed that they have purchased … [Continue reading]

Why Your Website Should Be on Multi-Screens

mobile marketing multi-screens

  Today's consumer habits have changed over the last 5 years with respect to technology and their shopping habits.  Consumers want everything inexpensive and quickly.  They are armed with technology that can provide them with instant … [Continue reading]