Why Microsoft’s Purchase of Nokia is Good for Mobile Marketers

Microsoft and Nokia

Its been a rumor for some time.  It may have started when Microsoft formed a partnership with Nokia in 2011 to collaborate together.  Great devices such as the Nokia Lumia were born.  However, today Microsoft has confirmed that they have purchased Nokia’s devices and services’s unit for approximately $7 Billion dollars.  But if Microsoft and […]

Why Your Website Should Be on Multi-Screens

mobile marketing multi-screens

  Today’s consumer habits have changed over the last 5 years with respect to technology and their shopping habits.  Consumers want everything inexpensive and quickly.  They are armed with technology that can provide them with instant information with most products and businesses have taken notice.  Today’s businesses are now following consumers around the web because […]

3 Ways to Generate Sales Leads with Mobile

carinico mobile marketing

  The proliferation of smartphones has many businesses confused about how to even connect with the consumer and has lead many to wonder how they can generate leads with this technology.  Mobile marketing is an excellent channel to generate sales leads.  Oftentimes, businesses will attempt to generate leads and overlook the mobile aspect of lead […]

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

Mobile Wesbite

  I had a very interesting conversation recently with a potential client of mine.  The conversation surrounded the importance of a mobile website for his business.  I stated several reasons why he needed a mobile version of his existing website but he simply believed that his business didn’t need it.  His thought process was that […]

Top 4 Mobile Marketing Goals

Mobile Marketing

Many businesses from Fortune 500 companies to the small local mom and pop stores to the work-at-home entrepreneurs have either deployed mobile marketing initiatives or are considering utilizing mobile marketing tactics.  I don’t have a reference to support that statistic but I don’t need one.  Why?  Because I, as a consumer, can simply pull out […]

3 Things to Consider for Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile Marketing Strategy

Every business must have a mobile marketing strategy yet many do not.  I’m often asked about mobile strategy and many people start to list the technologies that they believe they can use.  The truth is there are several steps that a business must take prior to starting to implement a mobile marketing campaign.  I list […]