25 Mobile Marketing Stats You Need to Know for 2014

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As the number of people joining the world wide web continues to grow and as the number of mobile devices continue to proliferate, having an effective mobile strategy for your business becomes absolutely essential.  There are several types of mobile marketing tactics and deciding which one to use and how to deploy them in a […]

How The Audi S3 Will Help Usher In Mobile Marketing in Connected Cars

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  The future of connected cars will be upon us in Spring of 2014 when Audi releases its Audi S3.  This is a remarkable car and is very well engineered so I will not go into the specs of it.  However, what makes this an even more interesting car is that it is connected to the […]

3 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

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More companies are starting to deploy mobile marketing technologies as part of their mobile marketing efforts.  Unfortunately, many are committing mistakes in their efforts to rush to market their products and services over mobile devices.  Listed below are three of the most common mistakes I see committed by some businesses trying to deploy mobile marketing […]

25 Mobile Marketing Stats You Need to Know

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As mobile technologies continue to be developed and evolve,  more opportunities will present themselves and mobile marketers will need to position themselves to take advantage of these technologies.  However, how do we know which technologies will take off and to what degree?  That is part of the reason why statistics are important because they give […]

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Web Site – INFOGRAPHIC

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I have previously provided several reasons why you need a mobile website for your business on another post.  In fact, a mobile website is the foundation for any business especially if they want to deploy a mobile marketing strategy.  However, I have provided below an infographic courtesy of AnchorMobile along with statistics provided by Google to […]

How To Decide Between an App and A Mobile Website for Your Business


Many businesses have a difficult time trying to decide whether they should have an app or a mobile website.  We here at Carinico Interactive believe that a mobile website is the foundation of any mobile marketing strategy.  We’ve said that for quite some time and still stand by that belief!  However, for those that are […]

Why the New Nissan Nismo Smart Watch Is Good for Mobile Marketers


  As the wearables tech space continues to heat up, a new competitor has just entered the arena.  Nissan (yes the automotive manufacturer) has released a new smart watch called “Nismo”.  The new Nissan Nismo smart watch is said to connect the driver with the car.  There are several car manufacturers that have stated that […]

3 Things That Will Jump Start Your Mobile Marketing Efforts


Many of our business clients want to deploy mobile marketing technologies in the quickest possible way but are unsure of where to start.  In a prior blog post, I discussed the things that a business must review and answer before deploying any mobile marketing technology.  The reason is because a business wants to engage iin […]