What is the best tablet for your self-development?


There are many tablets on the market today that can assist us in our quest for personal and professional development.  Below is an infographic courtesy of the folks at finerhosting.com. It offers a great comparison on several of the tablets on the market today.  Although it does not include the recently introduced Blackberry Playbook (among […]

Video: The amazing BlackBerry Playbook tablet!

The Blackberry Playbook

Have you seen the new Blackberry Playbook tablet? It promises to be a revolutionary product in terms of personal development. Tweet Share Send to Kindle

What is the best mobile device for personal development?


Having consistent access to information about your dreams and goals is important and mobile devices make this possible.  I’m often asked what I think is the best device for personal development over mobile technologies.  I always say….that depends!  We all want to hear a simple answer like iPhone, iPad, HP netbook etc.  But it really […]

Personal development through mobile technologies


  Hello world!  My name is Ed Rivera. In this blog, I intend to help you understand mobile technologies and inspire you to utilize these technologies to personally and professionally develop yourself.  The key is learning how to make mobile technologies a part of your everyday lifestyle!  TheMobileMotivator.com is designed to empower people through mobile technologies!  I am excited about this endeavor and plan […]