How The Audi S3 Will Help Usher In Mobile Marketing in Connected Cars


  The future of connected cars will be upon us in Spring of 2014 when Audi releases its Audi S3.  This is a remarkable car and is very well engineered so I will not go into the specs of it.  However, what makes this an even more interesting car is that it is connected to the internet.  Many of you will argue that we already have cars that are connected to the internet.  While that is true, what makes the Audi S3 different is its speed.  No not the speed of the car (although it is fast) but the speed of the internet access!  It will be equipped with 4G LTE!  That means that it will have a fast internet connection capable of streaming movies….while driving 70mph and faster!  This is a true ‘mobile’ device.  This will open many opportunities across many different industries for marketing and advertising.   The Audi S3 comes equipped with its own Audi Connect internet connectivity setup.  It allows operation of up to eight mobile devices and powers several applications including Google Earth navigation, Facebook, and Twitter, all of which are integrated within the infotainment system.  These features are accessed via a 5.8- or 7.0-inch central monitor or screen that rises from the dashboard.  It’s this screen and 4G LTE connectivity that offers mobile marketers opportunities to market to the consumer.   Audi S3 II

Making sure that your website is mobile ready is the first step to get you on the ‘road’ to visibility on the Audi S3.  Other automobile manufacturers have confirmed that they will also offer 4G LTE connectivity on select 2015 models.  Mobile marketing is adding a new channel to its lineup via connected cars.  As the technology continues to develop and evolve, we will continue to keep our eyes open for more opportunities to share with you.

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