Smartwatches – Opportunities for Mobile Marketers



Samsung has announced their Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch!   It is powered by the Android OS and it will sync with Galaxy smartphones and tablets.  Samsung is not the first with a smartwatch because Sony and Pebble both have watches  and Sony has recently released their smartwatch II.  This wearable computing devices arena is heating up and everyone expects Apple to produce a smartwatch as well and is rumored to be released in Summer of 2014.  It’s an interesting device and I’m sure it will sell well.  Once Apple and a few other players join in the fun, things will really heat up.   But the big question is,

How will mobile marketers be able to take advantage of these new devices?

Smartwatches have the advantage of always being with the consumer just like the smartphone.  Therefore, mobile marketers will be keen to understand that many of the mobile marketing technologies deployed on smartphones may work well on the smartwatches as well.  Certainly SMS texting will be a great technology to deploy on the smartwatches and may prove to be very effective.  Location Based Services and mobile apps will also be an option.  Other mobile marketing strategies will develop as the smartwatch technology evolves.  The smartwatch also has a camera on the side strap so augmented reality marketing may come into play as well.

The technology is very promising although still in its early stages.  Smartwatches will evolve over the next few years and mobile marketers should keep their eyes wide open to the possibilities.  I’ll be covering those potential opportunities as they develop so continue to check back with me here.


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