Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Web Site – INFOGRAPHIC

why you need a mobile website

I have previously provided several reasons why you need a mobile website for your business on another post.  In fact, a mobile website is the foundation for any business especially if they want to deploy a mobile marketing strategy.  However, I have provided below an infographic courtesy of AnchorMobile along with statistics provided by Google to support the importance that every business owner needs a mobile website.  From my experience, many businesses believe that they do not need a mobile website or do not have a budget for one.  Yet, they don’t realize that many people have a mobile device and the business owner is neglecting potential revenue sources because they don’t think they need one.  The loss of lead generation and additional potential revenue stream will negatively impact their business.  The infographic below supports the need to have a mobile website.  I have also added a video below the infographic which will give you a general view of mobile marketing.


Mobile Web Sites
Source: Anchor Mobile SMS Marketing


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