3 Ways to Generate Sales Leads with Mobile

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Generate Leads using mobile


The proliferation of smartphones has many businesses confused about how to even connect with the consumer and has lead many to wonder how they can generate leads with this technology.  Mobile marketing is an excellent channel to generate sales leads.  Oftentimes, businesses will attempt to generate leads and overlook the mobile aspect of lead generation.  The fact is that there are several technologies that are available that can be utilized via mobile to increase sales leads.  I will list three that I believe are the most effective.

1. SMS text messaging

SMS text messaging has been on the mobile landscape for quite some time.  However, with 85% of the US owning a mobile phone (and much of the rest of the world) and high open rates, SMS text messaging is very effective.   One caveat is that the consumer has to opt in via an SMS text campaign because it is illegal for a business to purchase a list of phone numbers and add it to its database.  But an effective SMS text marketing campaign which offers great value to consumer in exchange for their cell phone number can build a great database of leads that can ultimately be converted to customers that a business can continuously market to in order to increase revenue.  The chart below by Morgan Stanley Research illustrates how powerful SMS text messaging really is.


sms stats


 2. Landing Pages

In today’s world, a business must have a mobile optimized website in order to support their business.  A website that is not optimized for mobile is unacceptable to the consumer and will hurt the business in the long run.  A consumer will immediately leave that website and go to a competitor’s site if they offer a mobile optimized website.  That being said, a landing page on a mobile optimized website can increase sales leads for a business.   A landing page that offers value (i.e. ebook, audio etc) in exchange for a customer’s e-mail or cell phone number will provide sales leads to the business and ultimately leads to sales and an increase in revenue.  But the landing page must be optimized for a mobile device otherwise it will not be as effective.  Many businesses have experimented with mobile optimized ;landing pages so there is no clear cut way of guaranteeing what will work.  But the bottom line is that a landing page is a great lead generator that must be used by businesses of all sizes.

mobile landing page


3.QR Codes

Some will argue that QR codes are not as popular or effective as they once were.  I don’t agree because I believe that they are increasingly being adopted slowly by the general public.  A QR Code is a graphic (see below) that is connected to the business’s information to inform the consumer of the product or service.  If a business wants to take advantage of QR Codes, the they should connect them to a landing page so that the business can generate the lead.  It’s an easy technology to implement for lead generation because the business can create as many QR codes as it wishes and connect them to landing pages to generate leads in various ways.  QR codes are used in many different industries in different ways but its most effective use is in lead generation.



qr codes


Those are my three ways to generate leads using mobile technologies.  There are many more so let me know what you think about those listed and let me know your thought on the ones I left out!

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