3 Things That Will Jump Start Your Mobile Marketing Efforts


Many of our business clients want to deploy mobile marketing technologies in the quickest possible way but are unsure of where to start.  In a prior blog post, I discussed the things that a business must review and answer before deploying any mobile marketing technology.  The reason is because a business wants to engage iin the right mobile marketing strategy that best fits their business goals and objectives.  They also want to ensure that they are positioned to take advantage of the mobile marketing results from their efforts.  Once that is addressed, then a business can proceed to deploy mobile marketing technologies that will best assist their business in the least amount of time.  Below I describe the three mobile marketing technologies that we believe can be deployed to increase revenue and profits.


1. A Mobile Optimized Web Site 

A mobile optimized web site that utilizes responsive design is the foundation of any mobile marketing strategy.  A web site must be able to adjust itself to the screen size that it is being viewed on in a responsive fashion.  That means that it can not just shrink from its original desktop size but must adjust itself to the various screen sizes that are in existence today.  The user must be able to comfortably view the website without having to pinch or zoom to view its contents.  All mobile marketing efforts point to a mobile optimized website (or landing page) so any efforts that do not involve that will fail.

responsive internet


2. QR Codes

QR codes have been around for some time now but they recently have picked up traction because more smartphones are in circulation and consumers have adopted them.  A QR code is simply a picture which somewhat resembles a bar code that a consumer scans with their smartphone.  Their smartphone is then directed to a mobile responsive website, a mobile responsive landing page or another mobile responsive tech real estate that provides the consumer with information on the business’s product or service.   QR codes are also used to increase brand awareness.  More companies are becoming more creative with uses of the QR codes so we’ll see additional technologies develop and adoption increases.

Star QR codes


3. SMS text messaging

SMS text messaging has been around for some time now and has proven to be very effective.  This technology, like the others listed above,  is also simple to deploy and provides great results.  It also allows the business to build a database of cell phone numbers of its customers that it can continue to market to which will increase foot traffic to its physical business and increase revenue.


Those are the three mobile marketing technologies that we think should be initially deployed by any business thinking of engaging in any mobile marketing efforts.


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Ed Rivera is a technology speaker and blogger at www.Carinico.com where he discusses how small and medium sized businesses can benefit from mobile marketing technologies. He also writes about the future of mobile technologies.