Top 4 Mobile Marketing Goals

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Top 4 Mobile Marketing Goals

Many businesses from Fortune 500 companies to the small local mom and pop stores to the work-at-home entrepreneurs have either deployed mobile marketing initiatives or are considering utilizing mobile marketing tactics.  I don’t have a reference to support that statistic but I don’t need one.  Why?  Because I, as a consumer, can simply pull out my phone and look up a business and get the information that I need.  Most consumers with smartphones do this.  And businesses know this.  Which is why they are getting in the game.  We are at the dawn of a new technological revolution in which consumers are much more empowered than they were even one year ago.  Google has all of the statistics to support the mobile revolution which is why I believe that mobile marketing will continue to accelerate.

I will present what I believe to be the 4 top mobile marketing goals that businesses need to understand so that deploying mobile marketing strategies and tactics will make sense.  Before I do that, I’d like to make one thing clear:

A mobile optimized web site is the backbone of mobile marketing

Yes.  A mobile optimized website is the backbone of mobile marketing because that is where the consumer will enter your business’s world.  With that said, here are the top four mobile marketing goals.

1. Increase Sales

Every business needs to bring in continuous revenue to survive and thrive.  Which in turn leads to profits.  It is their responsibility to constantly look for ways to increase sales.  Mobile marketing is one avenue that can help the business increase sales.  This is one of the reasons why the mobile optimized website is important.   With a mobile optimized website, a business owner can utilize SMS texting tactics and/or offer coupons to the consumer which will drive traffic to their business and increase sales.  The mobile device becomes a “sales channel” to the consumer by offering them awareness and discounts to our products and services.

2.  New Customer Acquisition

If a business wants to increase sales, then they have two ways to do this.  They can either acquire new customers or have the existing customers increase their sales in the business.   Oftentimes, a business is trying to achieve both along with reducing churn.  It gets to be a challenge.  However, a mobile optimized website can assist a business in acquiring new customers by being found on the internet.  A consumer has to be able to instantly locate a business’s website because they are performing a search on their mobile device via Siri, Google Voice search, etc.   This can be accomplished by optimizing their site for mobile SEO (search engine optimization), having their site loisted on mobile search directories and running ads on several platforms including Facebook and Google.  If the consumer can’t locate your mobile optimized website via a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, then y our business doesn’t exist to them.  Visibility is the key!

3.  Build a customer database

Every business should always be building their customer database to eventually market to them.  The information of the database will vary (e-mail, cell phone number, address) but typically it should be the customer’s cell phone number.  This information can be acquired through various methods like POS (point of sale), mobile landing pages or through an SMS campaign that the customer opts-in to enter with their cell phone.  Oftentimes this is done when a business tells the customer to TEXT a particular word (related to their business) to a particular code (provided by a SMS vendor) which will provide the business with the customer’s cell phone number and improve their database.  The business can them market to these individuals via their cell phone numbers with coupons, awards, sales etc which will drive traffic to their business and increase sales and revenue.  Building a customer database is important because it allows a business to market directly to the consumer with their permission.

4. Inform the consumer of a new product or service

Every business should constantly be creating new products and services in order to increase revenue, profits and potentially increase market share.  This is usually done by deploying a new product campaign that will inform the consumer of a new product or service that a business has.  Mobile marketing can assist in this endeavor by utilizing smartphones ans tablets.  This is done by assembling a few mobile marketing technologies into one strategy.  These mobile marketing technologies include 2D QR codes, SMS, mobile apps, mobile landing pages, mobile videos and mobile coupons etc.  initially, you can use either just one of these or several combined to get the maximum exposure.  All of these technologies have one thing in common.  They are typically deployed over smartphones that consumers have in their pockets (or purses).  That is instant connectivity and exposure.  It is powerful!

These are the top 4 mobile marketing goals that every business needs to consider before deploying mobile marketing technologies.  Once these goals are thoroughly understood, deploying them with an intelligent mobile marketing strategy can reap great rewards that can increase revenue and profits, increase product awareness and increase their customer database.


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