3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Website


I had a very interesting conversation recently with a potential client of mine.  The conversation surrounded the importance of a mobile website for his business.  I stated several reasons why he needed a mobile version of his existing website but he simply believed that his business didn’t need it.  His thought process was that he already has a website and that a mobile version of the same website served no purpose.  My experience has shown me that there are several reasons why a business owner believes that he doesn’t need a mobile website.  Below I will state 3 reasons why a business needs a mobile website.

1. A mobile website can be used as a lead generator

A mobile website is a powerful lead generator that can be utilized to collect customer e-mails and customer cellphone numbers in particular.  There are several technologies that are used in mobile marketing for lead generation.  One include SMS texting.  When a business engages in an SMS campaign, they do so to make the consumer aware of a product or service or maybe offer discount coupons.  In effect, they can collect the consumers cell phone number (as long as the consumer opts in) and build their database of customers.  This allows them to market directly to the consumer.  This is a powerful way to generate leads that can not be done on a desktop website.  A mobile website is a must for any business.

2. Mobile is everywhere

Mobile is definitely everywhere.  If you doubt this, then simply look around you and you will see many people staring down a small screen on the streets, at dinner, in parks…everywhere.  I can site statistics that are impressive and support the fact that mobile is everywhere but I’m sure you have seen them provided by Google and others.  What is important is that a business have a mobile website to take advantage of the opportunity to market to a consumer on an individual basis!  That is powerful.  Gone are the days where a company would spend hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars on magazine ads, billboard ads and newspaper ads.  Today, a business can market to consumers via mobile marketing directly to their smartphone or tablet.  That is a game changer.  Mobile is everywhere and it is here to stay.

3. Shopping is increasingly done on mobile

Many people have a mobile device.  Because of this, they are increasingly shopping via their mobile device.  Whether it is a smartphone or tablet or anything in between like a phablet, consumers are increasingly shopping on these devices on Amazon, Wal-Mart, 1-800-Flowers, Target and many other businesses from Fortune 500 to the small home-based entrepreneur.  Every business needs to have a mobile website to take advantage of this opportunity.

If you don’t have a mobile optimized website, then your customer will shop at your competitor.

A mobile optimized website is very important for any business.  A consumer that is out on the road and is looking to purchase a particular item will turn to their device for assistance.  They will either by from you or your competitor.  It is that simple.  If your business is not there……THEN IT IS NOWHERE.


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