Sharp adds the Galapagos Tablets to our personal development arsenal

Great news!  Sharp just jumped into the tablet wars with their Galapagos Tablets!  Why is this great news?  Because it gives us consumers more options in products and hopefully more competition will drive more innovation.  These Sharp Galapagos products look beautiful.  The 5.5″ and 10.5″ tablets appear to be great devices with great screen resolution and seemless navigation according to the specs of course.  They are not iPads and I don’t believe they will give Apple a run for their money but it is still early in the tablet race although Apple has a huge jump start!  It is an Android based tablet which means that they are one of many Android based tablets in the arena today.  I also believe that Sharp will find its place in the tablet arena with these devices particularly because Sharp is a strong brand but that’s not to say that the other Android tablet devices aren’t a strong brand.  It really comes down to personal preference.  How comfortable are you with any of the tablet devices?  Do you like their OS and the size of the device?  Does it feel great in the palm of your hand?   The Sharp Galapagos tablets offer comfort, power and flexibility in the palm of our hand.  Several tablets offer that in various degrees.  Most importantly however is how does it help with our personal and professional development?  Our main goal here is how can it help us improve?  In the long run, we want to know whether or not it will help us achieve our goals and dreams!  That is the main reason I will consider purchasing any one of these devices.  It appears that Sharp Galapagos devices can deliver on that.  We will need to wait and see how the tablet wars play out now.



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