How to communicate with every one of your friends at anytime!

One of my goals is to strengthen my relationships with friends and family and my mobile device allows me to do that at times when I am not close to them.  We communicate with many of our friends by calling them or sending them text messages via our phones.  We’ve been able to do that for many years.  We also communicate with them over Facebook IM, AIM, Google talk or maybe even Yahoo IM as log as we’re on the same platform as well.  Now every once in a while I stumble upon a gem of an app!!  I have found one!  I am now using Meebo app on my iPhone!  This app allows me to communicate with anyone who is on any of the IM programs without me actually having to be on the platform as well.  Meebo takes all of my friends who are on Facebook IM, AIM, Yahoo IM and Google talk and aggregates them together on one platform.  Here is what I mean.  I don’t need to be on Facebook to receive an IM from someone who is on Facebook.  Meebo identifies them and sends them to my Meebo app.  The same goes for the other platforms.  This allows any one of my friends to send me an IM from anyone of those platforms at anytime!!  My mobile device helps me to strengthen my relationships with friends and family!!  Personal development over mobile technologies!  Let me know what you think.

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