How my iPhone will transform me into a runner again

I have decided to start running once again after about a 6 year hiatus.  Why?  I enjoy running…and not to mention I could lose a few pounds!  I ran the NYC marathon in 2003 and both the Philadelphia marathon and NJ marathon in 2004.  What have I done since then?  Nothing really….except for a handful of 5Ks.  What happened?  Life!  Life got in the way and I had to focus on other things.  Sad to say because my health is one of the most important things in my life!  Which is why I believe that I am in a position that I can once again be a RUNNER!  I have chosen the RunKeeper iPhone app to be one of my training partners!  The RunKeeper app is an amazing app!  It tracks several measurements including distance, pace and elevation via its GPS feature.  I can also listen to music while I am running and it will lower the music temporarily while it provides me with some key information that I have pre-programmed it with like mile markers, distance and pace.  It really is a nice app!  But what I think is the best feature is that I can log into the RunKeeper website and view all of my stats because the iPhone app automatically uploads all of my stats when my run is over.  It’s a great feature to have!  It allows me to view my progress (which you all know I love) and run reports if necessary so that I can track my progress and make changes if necessary!  Now THAT is what I call personal development over my mobile device.  I don’t have a running goal at the moment but with my mobile device and my insatiable desire to improve my life, I’m sure one will surface soon!

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