Video: Achieve your financial goals with Mint mobile app !

I recently started using a software web program called Mint.  I have to admit it is a great program.  I simply went to and registered and entered all of my information.  Then I downloaded the Mint iPhone app and it syncronized all of my information to my iPhone.  I have used Quicken for quite some time but one feature that stands out on Mint is that all of the information is updated automatically everynight!  I also have instant access to all of my financial inforamtion on the Mint app on my iPhone.  That is insane!  Having this informtion is great but all of my readers know that when it comes to my mobile devices I always ask, “How can this information assist me in my personal development?”.  I want to know how can this help me IMPROVE MY LIFE?  That is the ultimate question and the goal is always to determine how I can apply a device, app, information or anything that my mobile device provides me to my personal development.  I enjoy playing games, taking pictures and texting on my mobile devices just as much as anyone else does.  However, at the end of the day I want to know how has my mobile device improved my life.  Well, I want to revert back to the discussion of Mint and state that I have been able to track my income, expenses and many other things and more importantly I have made financial goals.  I have done this in the past as well with Quicken but now I have the informsiton in my hand in near real-time and I can refer to it consistently to make sure that I am meeting my financial objectives.  It has many alerts, charts and graphs that I can view on my mobile device which makes keeping track of my finances much easier.  I have included a video below and I’d like to know what you think!

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