Self-Discipline: The key to success via our mobile device

SELF-DISCIPLINE!  That is the key to our success!  Period.  We’ve heard this many times before yet it alludes us sometimes.  Regardless of what we’re trying to accomplish in life, self-discipline is the driving force.  We are all challenged on a daily basis with obstacles that appear to derail our efforts toward the accomplishment of our goals and dreams.  We can apply persistence, determination, desire, focus and several other characteristics that are the backbone of success but self-discipline which works in tandem with these other traits is the foundation of all success.  Writing down our goals and plans of action are only part of the equation.  Injecting discipline into the mix and supporting it with our mobile devices will provide positive results.   Many successful individuals throughout history have attributed their success to their self-discipline.  They have stated many times that it was the sole driving force behind their success.  Why do I suggest utilizing our mobile device as well?  Tracking!!  Tracking is an important part of our pursuit of our goals.  Our mobile devices allow us to keep track of our progress and provide us with instant information on our weight loss efforts,   on-line classes, finances etc.  There are many financial apps, weight loss apps, academic apps and educational apps that can assist us in achieving our goals.  Whatever our goals are, we can succeed with self-discipline and our mobile devices.  Tell me what you think!  Our goals and dreams want to know.

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